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Oracle license and contract expertise

Oracle license and contract expertise

Oracle is the third largest software publisher and is a world leader in the database market. Its products are at the heart of organizational infrastructures.

Over the years, in addition to databases, Oracle has diversified into middleware, ERP, CRM and HR, and is investing heavily in cloud technologies, however with less success than Microsoft, AWS or Google.Oracle licenses can be complex. Elée provides valuable insights to help you understand Oracle licenses and contracts, aiding in optimal management.

Oracle is a complex publisher that is deeply embedded in organizations but increasingly contested

Managing Oracle is complex for large organizations. Oracle conducts regular audits, and managing Oracle licenses is complicated by Oracle’s contractual and commercial mechanisms, the volume of data to be collected and the interpretation of this data. As a result, many organizations are gradually developing exit strategies from Oracle contracts.

Issues related to Oracle licenses and contracts

    Exit or renewal of ULA

    Should you renew or leave your Oracle ULA? How do you make sure you come out on top? We help you understand your technical and financial choices.

    Licensing rules in a VMware environment

    The licensing rules for Oracle products are among the most complex, especially in virtualized environments, and can create significant financial risks.

    Unintentional activation of options

    Certain Oracle database options are frequently activated by IT teams unintentionally, creating a significant risk of non-compliance.

    Oracle maintenance

    Oracle maintenance comes at a high cost and is subject to increasingly complex contractual mechanisms and support policies.

    Management of an Oracle audit

    Oracle remains an aggressive publisher, conducting regular audits. You will need tools and processes that give you an up-to-date picture of your Oracle estate, and you will need to be constantly audit-ready.

    Risks associated with Java licenses

    Oracle has chosen to change the licensing model for the Java SE product. Since January 2019, usage of version 11 or a release of version 8 greater than 200 in production requires a subscription. 

    Consulting and expertise for the management of Oracle licenses and contracts

    Here are our main offerings related to Oracle licenses and contracts. We are also happy to discuss custom services.

    • One-off Oracle compliance assessment and licensing optimization plan

    We enable you to reliably assess your Oracle license compliance. To collect the data, we use the same tools and methods as those used by Oracle during audits, and our compliance calculations and optimizations are reliable and can be used against Oracle in the event of a license audit. We help you implement the recommended optimizations (technical, contractual, commercial, etc.) to achieve the savings identified.

    • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual campaigns

    We offer regular compliance and optimization inventories, using an inexpensive, highly reliable tool that does not require installation. The results can be presented in the form of dashboards showing the evolution of license consumption and potential financial risk.

    • Oracle strategy and contract negotiation

    We support our clients in their strategies and contractual negotiations. We have acquired strong expertise in the management of various Oracle contracts: ULA, OLSA, OMA, Pool of Funds and more particularly in strategies related to the ULA contract (exit or renewal). At the end of an ULA, two options are available to you: renew / negotiate or exit / certify. Because the decision has huge financial and technical implications, it is essential to carefully analyse your deployments, your current compliance, and your future needs.

    In case of exit / certification, we help you to:

    Maximize compliance in virtualized environments: negotiate an agreement with Oracle on current and future rules

    Do not forget anything: a certification is a declaration, and any “forgotten” installation will be counted in the future

    Fill out the GDR document, which is very time-consuming and can elicit questions from Oracle if it is incorrectly completed

    See page: I need help with contract management and renewal

    • Oracle Java risk analysis

    Following changes in the Oracle Java licensing model, Elée helps you assess your risk and choose the right strategy: buy licenses or adopt another Java framework. For this we deploy a step-by-step method including:

    Collecting Java usage, including paid commercial features, using a specific script developed by our R&D team

    Determining whether it is Oracle Java, subject to Oracle’s licensing policy, and whether it is embedded and covered in an application

    Detecting versions and production / non-production environments in order to determine whether the usage is chargeable or not


    Depending on the usage detected and whether it is chargeable, we recommend the best strategy to adopt.

    • Oracle licensing tools

    Collection: the collection scripts offered by Elée and used by our consultants for many clients provide reliable data, recognized in the event of an audit.

    Compliance: the compliance calculation tools developed by our R&D team and continuously updated have been used by large organizations for 10 years. They produce reliable results that are identical to those obtained by the publisher and that can be used in the event of an audit. Our tools perform compliance calculations on Oracle Database & Options, including in a virtualized VMware or other environment, but they are also able to calculate a Siebel compliance, WebLogic compliance, Oracle Business Suite compliance and many others with unparalleled accuracy. Indeed, the calculation engines that we develop are built specifically for each product, unlike the SAM tools on the market which use generic rule engines with limited power.

    Optimization: Elée's goal is to provide you the best license optimizations on the market. Our allocation and optimization tools for Oracle licenses deliver substantial savings to our customers, often millions of dollars.

    Onboarding into a SAM tool: if you have opted for a commercial SAM tool, such as Snow, Flexera, Aspera, or ServiceNow, we can onboard purchases and licenses into the tool and we can configure the tool to optimize your compliance.

    Consulting and expertise for the management of Oracle licenses and contracts

    Why choose Elée?



    Our independence from Oracle protects you from any conflict of interest. We help you to reduce your licensing costs and minimize the financial impact of audits.

    Oracle licensing expertise

    Oracle licensing expertise

    We have a team of experts dedicated to Oracle licenses and contracts who fully understand the licensing rules and metrics of Oracle, as well as negotiation techniques and auditing practices.

    Tooling advice

    Tooling advice

    Our consultants advise you on the best tools and methods to manage your Oracle compliance in the most cost-effective way possible.

    Data quality

    Data quality

    The data collected by your tools is verified, standardized and enriched using our internal tool, resulting in maximum reliability.

    Power of optimization

    Power of optimization

    Elée’s mathematical models and tools offer unparalleled optimal allocations to generate maximum savings.

    Audit Ready

    Audit Ready

    Our compliance calculations and optimizations are tested daily by audits at our key customers.

    “We have been working with Elée on license management since 2014. In 2018, we replaced the tool we had acquired to manage our Oracle licenses with an Elée tool. Since 2019, we have been working on our entire SAM approach using a range of services allowing access to multiple Elée experts according to our needs.”

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    The tool designed by Elée to manage your software compliance online!

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