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Adobe subscription and contract expertise

Adobe subscription and contract expertise

Adobe is a leading publisher of software for graphics and video, audio and photo editing. A few years ago, Adobe changed its licensing model from perpetual licensing to subscription. Since then, Adobe has experienced strong growth and has capitalized on the excellent image and leadership of its products, which are very widely adopted within organizations.

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Adobe: no more non-compliance, but possible optimizations

Adobe has not conducted license audits for its customers for many years. However, Adobe license management remains essential because since switching to subscription mode, Adobe has been regularly increasing its prices.

Detailed management of your Adobe usage reduces the need for Adobe subscriptions and reduces costs for your organization.

Issues related to Adobe licenses and contracts

    Data export

    A meaningful analysis of Adobe usage requires the ability to collect data via the publisher's console or other tools.

    Management of the Enterprise Dashboard

    Measure the actual usage of components in order to align your purchases as closely as possible with the needs of your organization.

    Management of unused products

    It is important to be able to monitor your deployments and consumption at a glance.

    Obsolescence of products

    Manage your tenant and its reservations and actual usage, especially if it is shared.

    Local or centralized management

    Choose your strategy according to your real needs, your budget and your risks.

    Price benchmark and negotiation

    Are your prices competitive with what Elée sees in the market? Do you have to subscribe all at once or as you are deploying? We help you evaluate these and other scenarios to prepare for your next negotiation with Adobe.

    Consulting and expertise for the management of Adobe subscriptions and contracts

    Elée provides expert services to help you manage your Adobe subscriptions and contracts.

    • One-off Adobe usage diagnosis and optimization plan

    We help our customers to optimize their management of Adobe licenses and subscriptions. To do this, we support our customers in collecting data and optimizing usage by taking into account the actual usage of products, purchases of perpetual licenses and / or subscriptions, suites, and allocations of the Enterprise Dashboard. On the basis of this data, we especially help you uncover underuse of subscribed products in order to reduce the need for purchases or renewal of associated subscriptions. We can suggest other avenues for optimization, including better allocation of suites, improved user management, etc.

    • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual campaigns

    For organizations wishing to regularly monitor their Adobe usage, Elée offers regular analysis campaigns. Our teams provide a process and a tool adapted to the context of each customer, enabling you to collect and process usage data for Adobe products. The results can be presented in the form of dashboards, creating a picture of changes in license consumption and helping you better control usage and spending.

    • Contract negotiation

    We also help you to prepare and conduct your contract negotiations with Adobe. For 10 years, Elée has gained strong expertise in the management and negotiation of various Adobe contracts, including ETLA, VIP, CLP and TLP. We can benchmark your prices and clauses and identify the negotiation levers to use with Adobe to reduce your expenses on a long-term basis.

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    • Tools

    We help organizations to select and use the best tools to collect usage data (existing tools, with or without agents, scripts, etc.).

    We have also developed our own tool to assess the number of licenses or subscriptions required. This tool adapts to different customer data sources and recommends optimizations that the customer is free to apply or not.

    In addition, if you have a commercial Software Asset Management solution (Snow Software, Flexera Software, Aspera, Service Now, Landesk, etc.) we are able to use it.

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    Why choose Elée?



    Our independence from Adobe protects you from any conflict of interest. We are dedicated to helping you reduce your license and subscription costs.

    Optimization expertise

    Optimization expertise

    We have a team of experts dedicated to Adobe licenses and contracts, with a full understanding of Adobe usage analysis, contracts and optimization levers.

    Price benchmarks

    Price benchmarks

    We have a large database of recent Adobe prices, adjusted for product and quantity.

    Scenarios and simulations

    Scenarios and simulations

    Our technical experts work with our purchasing experts to provide you the best possible scenarios for purchasing and deployment to reduce your costs.

    Dashboard and visualization

    Dashboard and visualization

    Our tools allow you to visualize your usage and deployments and to identify possible optimizations at a glance.

    Contract negotiation

    Contract negotiation

    Our independence and experience enable us to advise you without conflict of interest, so you avoid pitfalls when negotiating different Adobe contracts, including ETLA, VIP, CLP and TL.

    “Our organization is a large consumer of Adobe products, and we have many subsidiaries. Each year, Elée manages the collection and consolidation of actual usage data and analyses this data with reference to the group contract and the purchases made, in order to suggest optimizations. This year, thanks to this analysis, we avoided more than €200,000 in unnecessary purchases.”

    Group IT Purchasing Manager European leader in banking and insurance


    The tool designed by Elée to manage your software compliance online!

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