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Analysing your software compliance

Analysing your software compliance

Elée is a leader in Software Asset Management, with deep experience serving government organizations, large enterprises, mid-sized companies and SMEs. Using our proven agile SAM methodology, we can support CIOs and procurement departments with all publishers on the market.

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Supporting you in managing your software assets

Completely independent from publishers, distributors and auditors, Elée is a leading player in Software Asset Management. Our teams work both on a flat-rate basis and on a full-time or part-time basis at our customer sites. For a long-term service, we build and operate SAM Competence Centers or SAM Managed Service systems that are tailor-made to suit the needs of our customers.

Case Study: Elée helps a major logistics company to optimize its Oracle compliance as part of an infrastructure change.

Client issues

The organization’s Oracle contract was coming up for renewal. The organization wanted to achieve the following:

  • Improve understanding of the Oracle contract
  • Evaluate Oracle compliance position both for the company’s centralized infrastructure and for its local entities
  • Understand the impact of planned infrastructure changes
  • Adapt target infrastructure, taking Oracle licenses into account 
  • Optimize Oracle spending


Elée’s approach

Elée evaluated the client’s Oracle compliance position, and we advised the client on how to integrate Oracle compliance into the definition of its target infrastructure.

As part of this project, Elée performed the following actions:

  • Contractual analysis
  • Technical inventory
  • Analysis of compliance to date
  • Compliance analysis of the target infrastructure
  • Definition of a remediation and optimization plan in three steps:
    • Step 1: Negotiation with the publisher to define metrics
    • Step 2: Adaptation of the target infrastructure
    • Step 3: Decommissioning unused servers


  • Precise vision of Oracle software usage
  • Education of technical teams on Oracle compliance 
  • Incorporation of Oracle licensing in the definition of the target infrastructure
  • Significant reduction in the risk of non-compliance
  • Reduction of potential risks as a result of Elée’s remediation plan: 99%
  • Increase in expected spending to cover new usage: 0%

Key points of software compliance

    Inventory of acquired rights

    The inventory of acquired rights to licenses and maintenance is an essential step, because it is by comparing these acquired rights with actual installations and usage that the compliance position can be calculated. This inventory consists of grouping together the publisher contracts, annexes and amendments, as well as all the proofs of purchase. The history of these rights can be recreated in order to inform future analysis and optimization (transfers, downgrades, etc.).

    Inventory of installation and usage

    To analyse software compliance, it is essential to obtain the most accurate and exhaustive view possible of the actual installation and usage within the organization. Elée’s consultants seek to cover the entire scope of infrastructure, but also to collect all the data necessary for the application of product licensing rules. Such data includes technical architecture, number and nature of processors and cores, information on the virtualization of relevant infrastructure, and the editions and version numbers of installed products.

    Tools for data collection and data quality

    Effective data collection requires tools. Tools are important to increase the level of automation and save time, but also to have complete and reliable data. Declarative inventories based on the knowledge of the teams are often a source of errors or oversight, leading to heavy fines in the event of an audit. At Elée, we recommend using the same tools as those used by auditors during audits.

    Calculate reliable compliance

    To calculate reliable compliance, it is not necessary to be certified by the publisher. You need to have collected reliable data and you need to apply the licensing rules that are publicly available or described in your contracts. In cases that are open to interpretation, Elée helps you defend your position vis-à-vis the publisher, on the basis of concrete cases observed previously. Our compliance calculations are carried out with our own tools specific to each product; these tools are developed, maintained and optimized by our experts over many years. The results are tested every day in the context of counter-audits, they are reliable, and they can be shown to the publisher in the event of an audit (as long as you have not modified your assets since the analysis carried out by Elée).

    Suggest optimizations

    With each analysis, Elée offers you remediation and optimization recommendations for your licenses. Each action is detailed, and the financial benefits are valued. The consultants carry out simulations of the new compliance after application of the various optimizations. The scope of proposed license optimizations is very broad, including technical, contractual, OPEX / CAPEX, and reduction in maintenance.

    Our software compliance services

    Elée offers mock audit services to calculate the risk of non-compliance linked to your software licenses.

    The diagram opposite shows the Elée methodology for a standard approach to analysing software license compliance (mock audit). This process can be adjusted to all publishers and products. It is based on the use of your existing tools (SCCM, Landesk, Snow, Flexera, scripts, etc.) and the use of Elée tools for compliance analysis and optimization.

    This can be done on an ad hoc or recurring basis depending on your strategy and the tools in place.

    • Data collection

    Development of databases of purchases (publishers, distributors, etc.), mapping of contracts, inventory of material, inventory of software installations (servers, workstations, cloud, other devices), inventory of usage. Elée advises you on the choice of collection tools (SAM agent already deployed, another tool with or without an agent, configuration, query, etc.)

    • Compliance analysis

    Calculation of license positions by product - edition - version, assessment of risks, and assessment of license and maintenance stocks. Reliable and detailed compliance calculations that can be presented to publishers during audits.

    • License optimization / remediation plan

    Appropriate action proposals aimed at eliminating risks or reducing costs. You benefit from the models developed by Elée consultants over many years.

    Our software compliance services


    The tool designed by Elée to manage your software compliance online!

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