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Our unique strengths

Our unique strengths

Elée is a pure-play SAM managed services firm. We work only for software purchasers, never for publishers.

We address the specific challenges of large multinational organizations: the high financial stakes of each detail, decentralized perspectives and action plans, and collaborative yet separate SAM, purchasing and technical departments. 

We have unique solutions to address the emerging asset management challenges of our customers, especially 

  • extreme complexity of Cloud licensing and pricing
  • multi-faceted SaaS challenges
  • carbon footprint of the full physical to virtual continuum


Why choose Elée?

1 – Greater confidence, reduced risk and higher value due to extreme accuracy

  • We are passionate about maintaining exhaustive and up-to-the-minute knowledge of complex licensing rules.
  • Our uniquely powerful automation engine,, delivers targeted and clearly prioritised recommendations for license optimization, resulting in larger cost savings.


2 – Usability and knowledge transfer, empowering you to respond faster in negotiations with software vendors

  • enables you to run multiple simulations of complex rules to facilitate scenario planning and to verify data quality, with each step taking around 5 minutes, versus 5 hours with a typical SAM tool.
  • includes customer-friendly use cases (eg impact analysis of migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud) that improve relevance and simplify complexity.
  • is the only SaaS tool that combines on-premises, Cloud and Bring Your Own License models.


3 – Flexibility, cost-effectiveness and trust

  • Our Captain SAM managed services model, unlike typical rigid KPI-based models, is a quarterly partnership, with a budget that we and our customers are free to allocate between risk mitigation, cost optimization and increased automation; this builds trust. 
  • We can deliver our services for less cost than competitors, because our automation engine reduces the need for manual intervention.


4 – Innovative and thought-leading approaches to asset management

  • Our fully owned subsidiary IJO helps customers to measure and reduce the environmental impact of their information systems and to develop and implement environmentally responsible IT purchasing and contract management practices (Services, PCs, on-premises servers, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Software, Telco).
  • Our Global SAM and Cloud Alliance is bringing together regional SAM Managed Services leaders to share expertise and jointly deliver SAM services.
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