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Microsoft O365/M365

Microsoft O365/M365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s productivity suite, including many digital tools for production (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Planner, etc.) and collaboration (Teams, Skype, SharePoint, Yammer, etc.). The O365 suite experienced 31% revenue growth in 2019 across the corporate sector. At the heart of Microsoft’s commercial strategy is the complete M365 suite which aims to combine three components: O365 productivity tools, operating system (Windows Enterprise) and administration and security tools (Azure AD, Azure Info Protection, Intune, etc). The combination of highly varied functionality, Microsoft’s commercial offerings and your genuine needs creates a puzzle that should be approached with pragmatism and expertise to avoid any excessive purchase.

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Managing Office 365 deployments and usage: a subject at the heart of organizations’ digital strategies

O365 contracts require vigilance regarding the choice of suites to purchase, purchasing approaches, product volumes and impacts on other licenses. Deciding whether to have a single profile, which facilitates administration, and several profiles, which reduces operating costs, is a complex choice, especially when the organization lacks relevant data to inform the decision.

It is therefore necessary to cross-reference all deployment and usage parameters and then compare them with the company’s IT strategy regarding equipping employees and securing the workplace. On the negotiation side, the estate of purchased Office 2010/13/16/19 licenses, the Client Access Licenses (CALs) available, and security considerations will determine your strategy for purchasing the right volume of products at a carefully negotiated price.

Issues related to O365 / M365 deployments and usage

    Export of O365 data

    A relevant analysis of Office 365 usage requires the ability to collect data, via the publisher’s console or other tools.

    Choice of profiles / profiling

    It is vital to measure your actual usage of O365 / M365 components in order to match your purchases as closely as possible to the needs of the business.

    O365 / M365 dashboard

    It is important to be able to monitor your deployment and consumption regularly and at a glance.

    Management of the O365 tenant

    You will need to manage your tenant well, especially if it is shared, and maintain a strong understanding of how it is actually used.

    Office on premise or O365?

    Choose your strategy well according to your real needs, budget and risks.

    Pricing and deployment scenarios

    Are your prices competitive with what Elée sees in the market? Do you have to subscribe all at once or as you are deploying? There are many scenarios to study in detail.

    Consulting and expertise for the measurement and optimization of Office 365 / M365 usage

    Here are our main offerings related to optimizing Office 365 and M365 usage. We are also happy to discuss custom services.

    • Using the Microsoft Office 365 console

    Elée has developed a whole range of services and dashboards that make it easier to manage your tenant and to export data for usage analysis.

    • One-off Microsoft Office 365 usage assessment and optimization plan

    Elée helps you to analyse data from your O365 tenant as well as data from installations associated with workstations. Data relating to deployed products and usage is cross-referenced with purchasing data in order to identify areas of optimization by type of license.

    • Monthly dashboard of Microsoft Office 365 usage and Elée analysis

    Elée supports you on a daily basis in monitoring license consumption by profile, by entity and by geographic scope. Personalized dashboards give you periodic analyses of your usage, allowing you to reallocate licenses, modify profiles and align consumption with your needs and budgets.

    • Profiling of O365 usage in preparation for renegotiation

    In the event of contract negotiation, Elée supports you from end to end, from the analysis of your deployments and usage to the analysis of the final offer submitted by Microsoft, following a standardized process of negotiation stages. We study multiple profiling scenarios, taking into account many factors in addition to O365 tools.

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    • Processing Office 365 data in your SAM tool if you have a tool that can do this

    Elée supports you in the integration and operation of SAM tools, allowing you to have a centralized view of your software assets.

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    Consulting and expertise for the measurement and optimization of Office 365 / M365 usage

    Why choose Elée?



    Our independence from Microsoft protects you from any conflict of interest, helping you to reduce your licensing costs.

    Microsoft optimization expertise

    Microsoft optimization expertise

    We have a team of experts dedicated to Microsoft licenses and contracts, including O365/M365, who fully understand usage analysis and optimization techniques.

    Price benchmarks

    Price benchmarks

    We have a broad database of recent market prices, varying by product and quantity.

    Scenarios and simulations

    Scenarios and simulations

    Our technical and procurement experts work together to advise you on the most cost-effective scenarios for purchasing and deployment.

    Dashboard / visualization

    Dashboard / visualization

    Our tools enable you to visualize your usage and deployments and to identify potential optimizations at a glance.

    Knowledge of risk

    Knowledge of risk

    Our independence allows us to be honest with our clients about the advantages and risks linked to moving from on-premise to O365 subscriptions, based on the experience of early adopters.

    “Elée’s help with managing our O365 tenant over the past 3 years has given us a monthly overview of the real usage and deployments of each entity in relation to our allocations, an “external” arbitration in the event of internal conflict, optimization proposals and support for controlled expenses during True-ups and negotiations.” 

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