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Environmental impact of IT

Environmental impact of IT

Our experts in inventory, asset management, IT processes, purchasing and Green IT help you measure and reduce the environmental footprint of your information systems.

Environmental impact of IT

    Strategy for reducing the environmental footprint of IT

    Our subsidiary IJO helps organizations define and implement a strategy to reduce the environmental footprint of IT.

    We help our clients define, implement and monitor an environmentally responsible digital action plan

    This is a project led by IT, using tools that are defined with you and that include relevant technical and contractual metrics. It is also a strategy that is shared outside the IT department with non-IT stakeholders both inside and outside the organization.

    Project management and implementation of digital solutions for the ecological transition

    Our subsidiary IJO helps organizations implement digital solutions that enable them to promote the needs of the environment.

    Putting digital technology at the service of the ecological transition

    We help our customers to drive the implementation of digital solutions for their actions for the ecological transition, adapted to their business lines and their sector challenges.

    Establishing a recycling policy for equipment

    Our subsidiary IJO helps organizations optimize and extend the lifespan of their equipment.

    Extending the life of equipment is the most effective way for IT departments to contribute to environmental protection.

    We help our clients to set up a recycling policy for IT equipment:

    • measuring and optimizing the use of equipment
    • extending the lifespan of equipment, in particular by reusing it within the organization
    • support with managing the reuse and recycling of equipment outside the organization

    Assessing the environmental impact of IT

    Our subsidiary IJO helps organizations measure the greenhouse gas emissions of their IT departments, IT products and IT services.

    Using our inventory expertise and our database of IT’s impact on carbon emissions

    We help our customers to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, allocate them to IT products, services and projects, and thereby discover how to reduce their environmental impact.

    Responsible purchasing and contract management

    Our subsidiary IJO helps IT procurement teams to put in place purchasing and contract management policies that set ambitious goals for environmental protection.

    The environmental impact of IT starts with equipment manufacturing.

    We help our customers to develop and implement environmentally responsible IT purchasing and contract management policies.