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Requests for proposal (RFPs) for software distributors

Requests for proposal (RFPs) for software distributors

Software distributors and resellers are at the heart of your licensing strategy. They must be able to provide you with competitive prices and sufficient service. Regularly re-contracting your software distributor is a best practice that organizations should adopt.

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Warning signs

Whether you are a large or a small organization, it is essential to have a relationship of trust with your software distributor. A contract that is too old, a lack of products in the catalog, a lack of flexibility when purchasing new software, uncompetitive sales prices, payment terms that are too rigid, and difficult discussions are all signals that should lead you to put out your software distribution contract to tender, or at least renegotiate your contract with your distributor.

Our services

The Elée team supports procurement departments throughout the process of creating distributor RFPs. Our team of experts will assist you from validation of needs through to negotiations with distributors.


  • Collection of existing data and contract analysis

In the first phase, and with a view to analysing existing contracts, our experts carry out technical interviews and gather documentation. The data collected helps our customers to validate their needs and build a complete RFP.

  • Assistance in drafting specifications

Covering all the needs raised by stakeholders requires a full assessment of the risks associated with software usage upstream. For this, our team will help you collect usage data through your RFP platform and then draft the entire RFP document including the context, your expectations of the first phases, and the selection criteria. Additional documents can also be produced, for example price schedules.

  • Support during negotiations with resellers

The Elée team performs an internal and external benchmark on pricing and contractual conditions in order to provide you with the best possible solutions to fit your needs. 

Collection of existing data and contract analysis


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