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Salesforce offers an unmatched suite of software solutions, ranging from CRM to marketing to BI. The quality of its solutions has made it the CRM market leader.

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Salesforce is becoming increasingly embedded in organizations

Salesforce is firmly established in marketing and sales departments, which have invested massively in licenses and processes to support Salesforce implementations. The company has in a few years gone from a challenger to a monopoly leader. Its dominance enables it to impose prices, contractual conditions and its preferred range of products on its customers.

Issues related to Salesforce usage and contracts


    The reliance of organizations on Salesforce products makes it difficult to negotiate with Salesforce. Do you know how to identify the levers that will nevertheless enable you to gain an advantage?

    Monitoring of usage

    It is crucial to regularly monitor the alignment between subscriptions paid to Salesforce and actual usage. Do you have the tools and methods to continuously monitor your Salesforce usage?

    Contract negotiations

    Usage analyses, price benchmarks, demand plans, identification of new product / metric pairs, etc. are all topics that must be carefully analysed before any negotiation with Salesforce.

    Our offerings related to Salesforce usage

    Here are our main offerings related to optimizing Salesforce usage. We are also happy to discuss custom services.

    • Benchmark

    The adoption of Salesforce solutions has been done gradually, starting with one country or one product family (Sales Cloud then Service Cloud, etc.), and then expanding. It is common to see very different implementation patterns even within a single organization. 

    Drawing on our experience and the engagements we have completed, we can assess your prices and contractual clauses and compare them with other references. Our database and our customer network allow us to analyse your situation by comparing it with historical data and the latest transactions on the market.

    • Usage analysis and optimization plan

    Analysis of usage is the first step in a successful negotiation. Most organizations start with a target requirement, yet it is common for deployments not to go as planned, due to delays, changes of product etc.

    Our assessment begins with an analysis of the actual deployment and usage of Salesforce products in your organization. To do this, we extract reports to measure usage of licenses (full / restricted), APIs, and data storage, or we use commercial SAM solutions, and we compare usage to paid subscriptions. This first analysis allows us to do a gap analysis and to identify non-compliance and unused licenses.

    We then work with application managers or users to define future needs. By combining an analysis of the existing situation with your future needs, we build a new target for your subscriptions, and we work together to define the optimum product-metric pairs to be negotiated with Salesforce.

    • Monthly dashboard of Salesforce usage and Elée analysis

    Salesforce imposes multi-year commitments based on firm volumes. It is therefore crucial to regularly monitor the stocks of paid products in order to ensure that subscriptions are aligned with usage. Elée offers a range of dashboards that enable you to monitor the usage and compliance of products regardless of the metric (“user”, “objects”, “TO or GO”), and to ensure sharing and optimization of licenses between organizations.

    • Contract negotiation

    Our Salesforce and purchasing experts can support CIOs and procurement departments in the preparation of negotiations (analysis of usage, benchmark, demand plan, etc.) and during commercial and contractual discussions. We help during all stages of the negotiation, including formalization of needs, communication, and analysis of offers and contracts.

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    Why choose Elée?



    Our experts recommend the best tools to help you monitor your Salesforce usage and make the right decisions.



    We are independent from Salesforce. Our sole objective is to help our clients reach financially and technically beneficial agreements with software publishers, with a minimum of risk.

    Salesforce optimization expertise

    Salesforce optimization expertise

    We have a team of experts dedicated to Salesforce usage and contracts who fully understand usage analysis and optimization techniques.


    The tool designed by Elée to manage your software compliance online!

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