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I am advanced at SAM, but I need additional help

If you are already mature in SAM but you need to supplement your SAM capabilities with our expertise, we can help.

Advanced SAM Services from Elée

Elée has an “Advanced SAM Services” team which serves organizations that are already mature with SAM, or those that wish to become mature in the near future.


A team at the service of SAM performance

Is your company already mature in software asset management? Do you need to outsource part of your SAM activity?

Or do you want your company to quickly reach a high level of performance and maturity in software license and cloud management through a large SAM project covering all aspects of software asset management? Elée’s Advanced SAM Services team can help.

Build or maintain high level of software license management

    The need to access experts on demand

    It is very difficult, if not impossible, for a software asset manager to master and follow all of a software publisher’s licensing contracts and rules.

    Whether for the whole organization or for those involved in software asset management, you need quick and easy access to top SAM experts on each vendor, who can answer very specific questions about interpretation of licensing rules and contracts.

    Reinforce the SAM team from time to time

    Organizations that are mature in SAM, or that wish to become so, need expert resources (SAM generalists, or specialists in a specific subject) to strengthen their team from time to time or to carry out a one-off project.

    Outsource all or part of your Software Asset Management activity

    Rather than investing in a complete suite of SAM tools and a team capable of covering all topics, many companies prefer to outsource all or part of their software and Cloud asset management and contract management business.

    Know your compliance position and monitor financial risk

    Assessing a compliance position is a first step towards bringing publishers under control. Software asset managers need a regularly updated and visually powerful compliance picture.

    Set up and follow a remediation plan

    Remediation plans derive from an assessment of the compliance position. It is possible to implement 80% of remedial actions but fail to reduce the financial risk associated with the product. Software asset managers need to execute their remediation plans for a quick and efficient result.

    Advanced SAM Services: services to support SAM performance

    Elée offers consulting services to support organizations that are mature in Software Asset Management, or that wish to become mature in the near future.

    Our Advanced SAM Services team works with organizations that are leading large SAM projects across multiple vendors or that wish to have permanent access to licensing and contract experts to answer their questions.


    License Desk: On demand expertise in Software Asset Management

    Do you want to be able to put questions to Software Asset Management experts at any time if necessary, or have an allocation of days to use flexibly throughout the year?

    Elée suggests that you set up a “license desk” specific to your needs, for an annual amount or a number of days fixed in advance. Once set up, your SAM, purchasing and IT teams can call on all Elée experts to obtain an answer to their questions through a “front office” (email or phone). In the event of an unforeseen audit, or if you are in doubt about the interpretation of a contract or a licensing rule, Elée experts will provide you with a quick and reliable response.

    This “front office” can play a role in your demand management process by centralizing license requests and ensuring that the purchase is necessary and takes place under the conditions mandated by your organization.


    Multi-publisher inventory campaigns / Operational management of SAM 

    Do you want to carry out one or more license inventory campaigns without purchasing a commercial SAM tool? Elée provides you with a team of experts, comprising an experienced SAM / PMO Project Manager and experts on each publisher, and helps you implement compliance analysis campaigns. If necessary, experts in tooling or in SAM organization and processes can also intervene.


    • Procedures and tools to document installations and usage
    • Consolidated baseline of purchasing and contracts 
    • Compliance analysis and financial risk calculation in defined formats (Excel, PPT, Power BI dashboards, etc.)
    • Technical and contractual optimization plan


    SAM Managed Services / Software Asset Management Competence Center

    Do you want to outsource your SAM, whether it is already tool-based or not? Elée will help you set up a SAM Managed Service or a customized SAM Competence Center, covering the activities and processes that you will have defined with Elée when designing the service. We can make our own tools available, or we can use tools that are free or already in place. If you have a SAM tool on the market (Snow Software, Flexera Software, Aspera, ServiceNow, etc.), Elée can take over the functional and technical management of this tool.

    Elée mobilizes its resources around a “core team” in a responsive and adaptable way, depending on your needs and your deadlines.

    Examples of deliverables:

    • Periodic compliance reports
    • Optimization plans and recommendations
    • Technical and functional administration of your SAM tool
    • Definition and update of license management processes
    • Management of audits
    • License Desk, and provision of experts "on demand": reports on tickets used, requests processed etc.
    • Support for publisher negotiations throughout the year
    • Management of the service, maintenance of skills and resources, and knowledge management
    • Monitoring of financial risk

    Software Asset Manager for Technical Assistance

    Are you looking for a full-time or part-time Software Asset Manager? Elée offers you profiles of experienced software asset managers who can provide technical assistance at your premises. 

    The Software Asset Manager is a conduit for all of Elée’s expertise into your organization. Using their expertise and with a duty to advise where needed, our software asset managers implement your organization’s SAM roadmap.

    While being fully integrated into your team, they remain in constant contact with Elée to provide you with the guarantee of a well-managed SAM process.

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