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Contract & Vendor Management

Contract and vendor management

The role of software and cloud suppliers continues to grow while internal IT teams are decreasing in size. The number of suppliers to manage is exploding, while the teams responsible for managing them are remaining static. Contracts are rapidly becoming more complex due to rules and regulations such as GDPR, and the multiplicity of products and services included in contracts.

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To help CIOs and procurement departments cope, we have designed a range of services dedicated to vendor management and IT contract management.

Our procurement team offers you complete support in your buying process.

Contract management

Managing a large volume of contracts requires the right processes and tools. Elée has developed a platform and processes for IT contract management. We allow you to manage the life cycle of contracts (signature, renewal, change management, reporting, etc.) and related requirements (declarations, monitoring of customer and supplier obligations, collection and monitoring of regulatory declarations, etc.).

The processes we build are adapted to your organization and your supplier policies. A dedicated contact includes the management of the service and of the teams who will carry out the day-to-day actions.

We produce monthly indicators to measure activity and to forecast tasks and actions at 3, 6 and 12 months. 

Vendor management

Vendor management allows principals to manage technical, economic and contractual relationships with key suppliers or business partners. Elée supports its clients in the design and execution of their vendor management policies and processes.

We work with CIOs and procurement departments in all stages of a vendor management policy:

  • Segmentation of the supplier portfolio and management methods by type of supplier
  • Vendor management process
  • Setting goals and plans
  • Definition and monitoring of performance indicators
  • Management of suppliers on a daily basis
  • Marketing and communication
  • Management of events and meetings between internal stakeholders and suppliers


The tool designed by Elée to manage your software compliance online!

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