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SAP license and contract expertise

SAP license and contract expertise

SAP is a publisher with a strong presence in IT, recognized for the performance of its ERP and its visionary approach.

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SAP is a publisher at the center of attention

The annualization of declarative audits raises serious questions: what data is sent to SAP via SLAW2? What is our User and Engine compliance position? What is our level of indirect usage? Are our prices competitive? We can help you anticipate and calmly address these questions.

Issues related to SAP licenses and contracts

    Management of an SAP audit

    Too often companies think that annual SAP checks protect them from an audit. Not only is this not the case, but we also observe that SAP is changing its auditing practices and requesting additional information that the IT teams did not anticipate.

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    SAP ERP compliance

    Continual changes in IT departments require regular monitoring to take into account these changes. Streamlined monitoring saves money, reduces risks, and allows licenses to be provisioned appropriately.

    Indirect usage and SAP Digital Access

    In 2018, SAP once again changed its definition of indirect usage, which it now calls Digital Access. Digital Access aims to respond to the latest developments in information systems and the proliferation of IoT devices, automated systems and bots. SAP is pushing its customers towards this new metric. It is vital to understand this transition, especially because SAP offers advantageous discounts to organizations which voluntarily join this new program.

    SAP Engines

    Engines are complex counting models that vary greatly. Initially, our clients often do not understand how they are actually using their engines. This is something that needs to be monitored regularly in order to avoid non-compliance.


    In recent months, SAP has tightened the screws on negotiations. Our clients are experiencing more difficult discussions and less tolerance. For companies entering into discussions with SAP, it is vital to identify your negotiation levers and prepare your arguments. Moreover, a negotiation is an opportunity to protect yourself in the future with strong contracts.

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    SAP Cloud Products

    SAP Cloud product contracts are complex to understand, and the associated metrics are new. Organizations must learn to master them and understand the risks involved.

    Advice and expertise related to SAP licenses and contracts

    Below are our main offerings related to SAP licenses and contracts. We are also happy to discuss more customized engagements.

    • One-off SAP compliance and optimization plan

    Using data extracted from your systems and our knowledge of SAP’s methodologies, we analyse your SAP compliance position and identify avenues for optimization, including cost avoidance and cost reduction.

    • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual campaigns

    As part of a regular SAM service, we conduct analysis campaigns at a defined frequency, enabling regular management of SAP licenses and anticipation of additional costs or remediation requirements.

    • SAP contract negotiation

    The preparation phase is key to the success of your SAP negotiation. We support you by providing benchmarks of prices and clauses, identifying negotiation levers, and helping you to understand contractual metrics, in order to approach an SAP negotiation with a clear strategy as well as a precise financial and technical target.

    See page: I need help with contract management and renewal

    • Indirect Usage and SAP Digital Access

    Regarding indirect SAP usage, we can carry out risk analyses based on the old metrics (to the user) or the new metric (Digital Access / Documents). For the Digital Access approach, the objective is to build business cases in order to assess the impact of converting to the Digital Access licensing model.

    Based on analyses of generic accounts identified during analyses of hidden usage through tables and USMM, we carry out the following work:

    Identification of standard documents used 

    Implementation of calculated business cases (separation of “master” documents and “related” documents i.e. subsequent, application of coefficients, costing according to several business models)

    Calculation of proposed business cases: two-year projection to identify strategy with SAP.


    • SAP license optimization tool

    We have developed, for SAP and other publishers, a tool aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of our work. This tool analyses the ERP solutions offered by SAP (a tool called SAPPHO) and the simulation of the different contractual models through LMBI.

    Advice and expertise related to SAP licenses and contracts

    Why choose Elée?



    Our independence from SAP protects you from any conflict of interest. We help you to reduce your licensing costs and minimize the financial impact of audits.

    SAP licensing expertise

    SAP licensing expertise

    We have a team of experts dedicated to SAP licenses and contracts who fully understand the licensing rules and metrics of SAP, as well as negotiation techniques and auditing practices.

    Tooling advice

    Tooling advice

    Is it necessary to purchase a tool to manage your SAP licenses? How can you manage your SAP compliance in the most cost-effective way? Our consultants guide you, drawing on their experience and their neutrality.

    Data quality

    Data quality

    The data collected by your tools is verified, standardized and enriched using our internal tool, resulting in maximum reliability.

    Power of optimizations

    Power of optimizations

    Elée’s mathematical models and tools offer optimal allocations to generate maximum savings.



    Our compliance calculations and optimizations are tested daily in audits at our key customers.

    “After initial optimization work, we set up two annual usage and license control campaigns with Elée. This enables us to regularly optimize our usage and needs, which allows us to limit expenses and any surprises related to our SAP products.”

    SAP Competence Center Manager Leading social insurance organization


    The tool designed by Elée to manage your software compliance online!

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