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Micro Focus license and contract expertise

Micro Focus license and contract expertise

Micro Focus is a British company founded in 1976. It is the 7th largest company in the sector, and it specializes in buying up and managing IT infrastructure solutions. The stated objective of Micro Focus is to offer complete, mature solutions that combine old and new technologies.

Micro Focus is above all one of the leading players in license audits. The diversity of Micro Focus solutions and their various origins, as with other large publishers, creates real complexity in license management. It is in this context that Elée has been helping our clients for several years.

Micro Focus is an aggressive publisher, and license audit is at the heart of its strategy

Micro Focus customers are affected by a high level of complexity, because Micro Focus has assembled its software portfolio through numerous acquisitions (HP Software, Attachmate WRQ etc). The contractual rules and licensing terms vary greatly between the Micro Focus products.

For each product, only a review of the original contract makes it possible to establish the right licensing rules. Without such feedback, our experience shows that the publisher will seek, during an audit, to rely solely on the latest End User License Agreement (EULA) available on its website.

These EULAs do not necessarily apply in the event of the prior signature of a contract between the client and Micro Focus (AXA REIM vs Actuate Corporation case law, RG number 12/10146). Moreover, as these EULAs have evolved, the tendency has been for Micro Focus to impose ever greater restrictions on its end customers.

Issues related to Micro Focus licenses and contracts


    Micro Focus is arguably the most aggressive software publisher on the market. Auditing is at the heart of its strategy.

    Original contracts

    Successive buyouts by Micro Focus have created complexity in finding the right licensing rules to apply. The initial contracts often have far more advantageous user rights than the later EULA contracts that Micro Focus will seek to enforce.

    Hidden data

    The exports requested by Micro Focus in the event of an audit contain hidden data, revealing details of your installations and usage. It is important to be aware of the data you are transmitting and how it will be used against you.

    COBOL licenses

    Micro Focus is carrying out audits of COBOL licenses and usage, following its takeover of the publisher.

    Authorization limits

    Geographical locations, entities, subsidiaries... there are many limitations of your rights to use Micro Focus products, creating unexpected situations of non-compliance.

    Advice and expertise for managing Micro Focus licenses and contracts

    Elée provides consulting and expertise on the management of audits, licenses and Micro Focus contracts.

    • One-off diagnosis of Micro Focus compliance and optimization plan

    We help our clients to do an inventory of their installed licenses, create a view of their purchased licenses, and reconcile the two by taking into account product bundles and metrics. We have expertise in many Micro Focus products, including COBOL and HPE. We develop compliance analyses and recommendations to reduce your Micro Focus expenses in the short and medium term.

    • Micro Focus audit management

    We support our clients in managing Micro Focus audits from the receipt of the letter from Micro Focus to the conclusion of the audit. Our work includes scoping and audit protocol, collecting and analysing data before sending it to Micro Focus or the auditor, estimating potential financial risk, anticipating Micro Focus’s actions and reactions, audit strategy (during and after audit), and managing the relationship with the auditor in order to minimize the financial impact of the audit.

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    • Quarterly, half-yearly and annual analysis campaigns

    Elée experts implement an iterative process with your teams to measure the evolution of your Micro Focus compliance position, monitor remediation, and measure the impact of IT developments on your compliance.

    • Micro Focus contract negotiation

    Our objective is to support you in understanding and negotiating a Micro Focus contract that is adapted to your real needs for support, services, and products and that takes into account your financial challenges. To do this, we analyse your assets, we benchmark your prices and clauses, and we help you identify your negotiation levers and the best strategy to adopt at each stage.

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    • Tools

    Elée advises you on using the appropriate data collection tools for each product family and metric. This may include exports of tools present in your environment, SAM tools in place, and custom scripts.

    SAM tools include some of the elements necessary for compliance work on Micro Focus products, and we integrate them into our processes in order to take full advantage of the tools already installed.

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    Why choose Elée?



    As a company independent of the publishers, we pursue only one objective: the conclusion of agreements that are economically and technically beneficial for our customers, without risk.

    Micro Focus licensing expertise

    Micro Focus licensing expertise

    We have a team of experts dedicated to Micro Focus licenses and contracts who understand Micro Focus licensing rules and metrics as well as negotiation techniques and auditing practices.

    Feedback from field experience

    Feedback from field experience

    Elée carries out very extensive Micro Focus inventory and compliance calculations for our customers. The diversity of situations we have encountered allows us to approach this work with great efficiency and pragmatism.


    The tool designed by Elée to manage your software compliance online!

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