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I need help with optimizing my licences and usage

Many organizations do not know how much they are spending on software. We help identify and optimize your licences and usage.

Optimizing your licenses and usage

Given the increase in IT spending and the need to finance digital transformation projects, optimizing software licenses and SaaS usage has become a central concern.

Optimize software licenses and SaaS usage

Elée’s mission is to provide CIOs and procurement departments with the means to reduce spending, especially on OPEX (maintenance, SaaS subscriptions, cloud subscriptions, services).


How do we do this?

We use algorithms developed by our R&D team, combined with our in-depth knowledge of publisher techniques (pricing, contracts, benchmarks, negotiation tactics, calculation rules, etc.), to provide you with powerful optimization levers.

Based on an analysis of your existing situation and future needs, we identify ways of optimizing spending by using both internal customer levers (choice of products, control of usage, choice of equipment, allocation of licenses) and market levers (negotiation, retendering of contracts).

Aspects of license optimization

    Licensing and metrics

    The complexity of software vendors’ business models makes it very difficult to understand the applicable licensing rules, the right choice of metrics (perpetual, temporary, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), and the optimum metrics for your organization in the short, medium, and long term.

    Choice of products and services

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to navigate publisher catalogs and choose the most suitable and cost-effective products, versions, and levels of support.

    Infrastructure and hosting

    Organizations must learn to minimize expense and risk by choosing infrastructure and hosting methods that consume less software while ensuring performance and service levels.

    Optimization of usage

    We use metering to analyse software usage (functionality used, connection duration, etc.) to determine an appropriate profiling strategy, and we define software packages by type of user, deinstallation policy, fungibility and flexibility.

    Allocation of licenses

    We recommend an optimum distribution of licenses and maintenance by server, user or workstation to maximize usage rates, minimize risks and reduce future purchases.

    Optimization of software contracts

    We define terms, conditions and contractual clauses best suited to the context of the business. We evaluate the prices offered by publishers by comparing them to our price benchmarks.

    Our services for optimizing your licenses and usage

    Elée provides expertise in software license and expense optimization.

    Our expertise allows us to quickly identify the main areas of risk or opportunity related to software licenses. The breadth of our expertise, both technically and in terms of purchasing and contracts, allows us to offer our customers a wide range of assistance with optimizing software licenses, usage and spending.


    Diagnosis of spending and identification of optimization opportunities

    We are able to support you, through short-term pragmatic services, in diagnosing your software and SaaS expenses and identifying areas of optimization and associated levers.

    Deliverable: Diagnosis and identification of opportunities and optimization levers

    Pricing model: Fixed price


    Implementation of a tailor-made optimization plan

    Depending on the areas of optimization identified, we help our clients execute the license optimization plan by using various levers. For example:

    • Product optimization: downgrade or product change proposals aimed at reducing purchases related to new projects, filling compliance gaps by using an inferior product, or modifying the existing estate.
    • Usage optimization: identification of products that are installed but not used, and recommendation of packages adapted to real usage; identification of licenses and maintenance contracts that can be terminated or used to cover an ad-hoc requirement or a new need; clearing of inactive accounts; identification of indirect or multiple usage.
    • Technical optimization: analysis of servers and applications that have a strong impact on the number of licenses required, according to their size (CPU, core, number of users) or characteristics (virtualization, clusters, etc.). Analysis of additional costs and proposals for changes.
    • License allocation optimization: recommendation of a new distribution of licenses, to reduce the number of licenses required or reduce the need for new licenses. Elée has developed its own tools to determine the optimal allocation of licenses for the most complex and expensive products (Oracle databases, virtualized VMware, Windows Server, and SQL Server environments, SAP usage, IBM PVU products, etc.)
    • Contract optimization: recommendations to convert licenses or metrics in order to reduce non-compliance, reduce purchases of new licenses, simplify estate management, cancel and replace, and terminate maintenance.
    • Accounting optimization: getting the most out of software assets on the balance sheet.

    Deliverables: Detailed optimization plan, adapted to the customer’s priorities. If possible, support for implementation, and valuation of savings made (OPEX / CAPEX, Cash savings / avoided costs, etc.)

    Pricing model: fixed price, time spent, success fees

    Did it help you ?

    If you still need help with optimizing your licences and usage, you can contact us. As an independant consulting compagny, pure-player in Software Asset Management, our consultants will help you manage your licenses