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Case Study: Assessing the financial benefits of a move to the public cloud

Situation and Problem

An auto parts manufacturer engaged us to assess the benefits of migrating its on-premise infrastructure to the public cloud.

The client contacted us as part of a business case related to the potential migration of its on-premise infrastructure to a public cloud platform (AWS or Azure). 

Our client asked us to address the following topics in our analysis:

  • An evaluation of the cost of the customer’s hosted on-premise infrastructure
  • Calculation of the unit cost of each virtual machine in the on-premise infrastructure
  • Assessment of the impact of various parameters on the price of on-premise virtual machines, including renewal of hardware and changes to the density of use of the underlying hardware
  • Assessment of the client’s virtualization technology, which is a VMWare layer installed on a hyperconverged hardware layer
  • Assessment of the benefits of a lift-and-shift migration

Our client did not want us to take into account a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) option.



Our goal was to help our client understand whether its on-premise infrastructure was financially more attractive than the current cost of public clouds. For this, we calculated the unit cost of an on-premise virtual machine and compared it to the cost of a virtual machine of equivalent size at the two main public cloud providers chosen by the customer (AWS and Azure). This required us to engage the various stakeholders in the client organization in setting up a methodology for calculating and comparing infrastructure costs.

To deliver this engagement, Elée completed the following tasks:

  • Identification and aggregation of all costs related to the relevant areas of on-premise infrastructure according to three categories: Hardware, Software, People
  • Creation of metrics enabling costs to be attributed to the two main characteristics of a virtual machine: Compute and Storage
  • Calculation of these metrics using several scenarios in order to assess the impact of modifying parameters on the cost of virtual machines 
  • Comparison of on-premise costs with public cloud costs of similar virtual machines on Azure and AWS
  • Analysis of results, and preparation of conclusions and recommendations



After reviewing Elée’s analysis, the client ultimately chose not to migrate its current infrastructure to the public cloud but instead to optimize its use and further maximize the unit cost of storage and computing power.

In summary, we delivered the following benefits to our client:

  • Precise understanding of IT department costs
  • Calculation of unit costs of on-premise infrastructure
  • Benchmark of infrastructure costs in relation to market players 
  • Strategic recommendations regarding cloud migration
  • Analysis of the economic impact of various relevant scenarios

Our experts have identified several issues to be addressed in a Cloud optimization initiative.

    The growth and size of Cloud deployments

    The need for business users to develop innovative applications forces IT departments to manage the size and growth of deployments. Elée helps you establish a clear and precise governance to manage the processes and resources of the deployment teams.

    The phenomenon of Shadow IT

    Certain deployments are unknown to the IT department. Do you want to ensure that your application deployment process includes validation by the IT department? To do this, you will need to adopt governance processes while raising awareness among business teams.

    Control of real infrastructure costs

    In a constantly evolving technological context, our team of experts advises you on best practice processes to keep your infrastructure costs under control.>

    Managing multi-cloud deployments

    Multiplying service providers represents both a governance challenge for CIOs and a technical challenge for IT teams. Our experts support you throughout your journey towards multi-cloud adoption.

    Use Elée’s expertise to identify, control and optimize Cloud costs

    Elée supports you in the overall management of your costs related to the Cloud and helps you strengthen your knowledge relative to this topic.

    Managing your Private Cloud

    • Identification of on-premise costs
    • Allocation of direct and indirect costs between Cloud services defined by the customer
    • Calculation of unit costs associated with each Cloud service offered by the Private Cloud
    • Structuring the customer relationship and the catalog of service offerings
    • Education of internal customers about best practices, and allocation of Private Cloud capacity
    • Benchmarking of private cloud players


    Migrating to the Public Cloud

    • Identification of on-premise costs
    • Allocation of current infrastructure costs between customer-defined services
    • Calculation of unit costs associated with each Cloud service supported by the customer's current infrastructure
    • Selection of applications that can be moved to a public cloud
    • Cost estimate and business case for each Cloud provider of interest to the customer
    • Multi-Cloud optimization analysis


    Assisting you every day

    • Support from resources with certified expertise on public clouds
    • Implementation of migrations after validation of business cases
    • Cloud architecture study and optimization research
    • Monitoring, scripting, capacity management and improvement plans


    Strengthen your knowledge about publisher licensing in the public and private cloud

    • Training and awareness of Cloud adoption teams
    • Support with knowledge of current rules
    • Support by our publisher experts in the event of an audit
    • Intelligence on publisher licensing changes
    Use Elée’s expertise to identify, control and optimize Cloud costs


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